Obtaining International Certificate

Financial support for obtaining sertificates and patents in foreign countries for non-oil products, registration of trademarks is meant to promote the local products under the brand “Made in Azerbaijan” in the world.

This mechanism considers costs for obtaining certificates and patents in foreign countrie, as well as registration of trademarks for a period up to 6 months before the application submission. The amount covered by the state budget is 50% of the mentioned costs up to 60000 AZN.

Application submission for this mechanism is announced at least 15 days before the competition and is shared in Announcements.

Note! The list of the foreign countries, certificates and products are indicated in the announcement.

After the deadline for the application submission the commission established by the Ministry of Economy organizes the competition on a predetermined date and evaluates the applications to come to a decision.

Applications are assessed based on the following criteria:

Applications getting the minimum pass mark get positive decisions.

Results are aired within 2 working days after the competition.

Applicants who have received positive decisions at the first stage should re-apply by another application within 30 working days after obtaining the certificate or patent in order to get the payment.

The following documents should be attached to the application:

The documents are reviewed within 30 working days in accordance with the “Administrative Procedural Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan”. If mere shortages are found, the applicant is informed to remove them within 5 working days. The applicant eliminates the problems within the following 10 working days and the process is resumed again.

If the positive decision is reached after the review of the application, the payment is transferred to the bank account of the applicant in national currency within 20 working days.

Note! Applications and documents should be directly submitted to AZPROMO: Baku Business Center, Neftchiler ave.32, Baku, AZ1000.