Organization of customer missions to the territory of Azerbaijan

Considering economic and trading relationships of Azerbaijan Republic, export potential of nonoil products, as well as requests from the exporters, the Ministry of Economy specifies the dates of customer missions and foreign persons to attend them and places corresponding information on its official website.

Each customer mission cannot be longer than 6 (six) days and the number of customers should not exceed 10 (ten) persons. On each customer mission the customer may be represented only by one representative.

The number of organized shopping missions should not exceed 20 (twenty) through a calendar year. All organizational issues related to the visit of foreign persons to attend the mission to Azerbaijan (hotel arrangement, international air and inner transportation (excluding taxi), translations services, renting premises and equipment for meetings and all concerning costs will be met by the Ministry of Economy.

The foreign persons to participate on customer mission are defined according to the criterion approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.