Promotion in public spaces and on international media

Promotion of the brand “Made in Azerbaijan” in public spaces and on international media is organized with the purpose of advertising the local non-oil products with a single name in foreign countries among large masses.

This mechanism covers all costs regarding the organization of advertising compaigns.

Countries where “Made in Azerbaijan” will be advertised, public spaces and mass media are determined by Ministry of Economy based on the export potential of the non-oil products, requests of exporters and international economic and trade relations with appropriate countries under the following criteria:

Exporters whose products will be advertised are selected through competition. Application submission for this mechanism is announced at least 15 days before the competition and is shared in Announcements.

Note! Countries, public spaces, mass media and the list of the products that will be advertised are indicated in the announcement.

After the deadline for the application submission the commission established by the Ministry of Economy organizes the competition on a predetermined date and evaluates the applications to come to a decision.

Applications are assessed based on the following criteria:

Applications getting the minimum pass mark are entitled to get use of this mechanism.

Results are aired within 2 working days after the competition.