Research and development programs and projects

Financing research and development programs and projects is organized to generate and develop export-oriented new products or production technologies, reduce production costs and increase the added value of existing products.

This mechanism considers 50% of all costs up to 100000 AZN for one project. 10 such events can be realized every year.

Research and development programs and projects are carried out by qualified local or foreign legal or physical persons based on the applications of the exporters.

Application submission for this mechanism is announced at least 15 days before the competition and is shared in Announcements.

After the deadline for the application submission the commission established by the Ministry of Economy organizes the competition on a predetermined date and evaluates the applications to come to a decision.

Applications are assessed based on the following criteria:

Applications getting the minimum pass mark are entitled to get use of this mechanism.

Results are aired within 2 working days after the competition.