Terms and Conditions

Portal terms of use:

  1. When registering in the portal, each user is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered;
  2. Accurate and understandable information about the production capacity and export potential of the business entity must be entered by the user;
  3. In case of interference in the your user profile without your permission, administrator of the portal must be notified immediately;
  4. Portal has the right to demand documents proving the veracity of the data entered by the user.

The following actions are prohibited on the portal:

  1. To present yourself as a representative of the company while not having such authority;
  2. To prevent the normal functioning of the portal entering false and misleading information;
  3. To use in your profile the data belonging to other companies registered in the portal;
  4. Use of false information and photographs belonging to others and interference with the activities of other companies;
  5. Use of tools that prevent the operation of the portal.