Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetable (tomato)

The Azerbaijani fruit and vegetable sector has been rapidly developing in the past years. Azerbaijan has a variety of advantages to successfully develop its fruit and vegetable sector, including geographical location and favorable climate. Climatic conditions enable Azerbaijani growers to harvest their crops several times a year and significantly extend their fruit and vegetable season. In addition, Azerbaijan has an advantage of relatively low production costs again thanks to climatic conditions and rather low labor costs.

Especially cotton-growing, vegetable-growing, tobacco-growing, and vine-growing are the most specialized fields of Azerbaijani agricultural sector and meet the domestic demand of the country. Khachmaz, Lenkeran, partly Aran and Absheron regions are specialized on vegetable-growing. Khachmaz is one of the leading regions for growing open-field tomatoes, which is mainly grown on summer season, and considered one of the best tastes in CIS countries. A great amount of tomatoes are grown in the greenhouses of Absheron peninsula, as well. Well known Zira tomatoes gained the name as one of the most delicious tomato in our region. In recent years, the fields of greenhouses have enlarged to other regions too.

Exported Azerbaijani vegetables, especially tomatoes and cucumbers, are well known in CIS countries and mostly appreciated for their taste and natural specifications.